Our Community

Lake Mirage is an 80 acre community with two (2) lakes totaling more than 20 acres and 238 lakefront homes.  There are many opportunities to get out and about and enjoy the natural surroundings that Lake Mirage offers.  

  • The Yacht Club at Lake Mirage is a member of the Southern California Yacht Club association (SCYA) and members of the Yacht Club are entitled to reciprocal benefits from other member Yacht Clubs.
  • Membership Fees apply and are considered separate from the HOA.  
  • Additionally, all residents can have electric boats for operation on the lakes, which also allows catch-and-release fishing.

Ways to Get Involved

We believe that there’s a place for everyone to get involved in our community, whether you’re interested in leading as a board member, helping out on a committee or just getting to know your neighbors. Taking the time to get invested in where you live allows you to put down roots, serve the community and build lasting friendships with people nearby. If you have an interest, Lake Mirage Volunteer Program probably has a committee for you.  

Benefits of Living in a Community

  • Maintained Property Values. According to the Community Associations Institute, homes in managed communities are often worth 5 percent more than those in traditional communities.
  • Amenities and Services. Our homeowners receive value in return for their choice to invest in a homeowners association.
  • Sense of Community. Our community is a place to connect in a world that is increasingly disconnected.

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